Australia (2008)

Australia (2008)

Like many of you, certainly, I’ve had Australia on my Netflix queue for months. Of course, had I not been so insistent upon seeing Australia on Blu-Ray I might have seen it considerably sooner. Let me just say it was worth the wait – with Australia’s sweeping territorial panoramic shots, it would seem a shame to see it on DVD.

A casual word at the beginning on the film’s appropriateness for youngsters. Yes, Australia is probably okay for kids but ask yourself this – when was the last time the kids in your life sat still for 2+ hours for a movie about two adults who fall in love and decide to “adopt” a child? Yes, there’s action in Australia – it is rugged and adventurous. But, it isn’t the easiest film to watch, even for adults. While I enjoyed the general pace and storyline of the film, children will be taxed to find enough to keep them interested.

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