Marley and Me

Marley & Me (2008)

Marley & Me (2008)

Meet the Grogans: Aniston is delightful as she and Owen Wilson sit toes dipped in a warm bath, snow falling outside, says “Oh, honey. You were part of the plan. My plan. Step one: meet an incredibly sweet, smart, sexy man. Step two: marry you instead.”

The pair have just gotten married and there is a freak blizzard. In spring. They decide to move some place warmer – how about Florida? I love that in the movies, this sort of thing happens all the time – you find someone gorgeous. They’re funny. They’re smart. You live in a dump. After you get together, everything is wonderful and you just up and move to Florida where everyone and everything is beautiful, and you get a dream job at a paper. Even though your wife is the more talented of the two of you (she’s a serious reporter who lands a job at a more “serious” paper and writes features that actually contain…well, news).

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