Taken, 2008 (c) Twentieth Century Fox

Taken, 2008 (c) Twentieth Century Fox

Prepare yourself for a mature, International ass-whooping in this action film starring Liam Neeson.  Neeson, who plays ex-Secret Service Agent turned retiree Brian Mills, is not unlike any other middle-aged man living in Los Angeles – tired, divorced, and struggling to gain the respect of his teenage daughter, Kim (played by Maggie Grace), whom he practically ignored during his career years as a Government-sanctioned “preventer.”  This is never explained in the film, but I’m guessing Brian was responsible for the “prevention” of bad things…very bad things.

The film begins with Brian buying a cheap GPX karoake machine for his daughter at what looks like a pawn shop before showing up moments later at his daughter’s birthday party – a party that’s being held at her stepfather’s super richie mansion.  His ex-wife, Lenny, or “Lenore” as she prefers now (played by the ever-gorgeous Famke Janssen), is one cold queen and you won’t find it hard to disslike her general attitude as she scoffs at Brian’s present.

Read the rest:  flixsation.com’s Taken review


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