Angels and Demons

Angels & Demons (c) 2009 Columbia Pictures / Imagine Entertainment 


In preparing myself to see Angels & Demons, I did something I don’t normally do when heading off to see a film – my research.  By which, I mean, I actually read a few reviews of the film.  Some of the reviews, like one from The Carlile Independent in Arkansas (”there’s such a thing as a happy medium, and once again Howard hasn’t managed to find it.”) tauted Angels & Demons succeeds where The Da Vinci Code failed.  What?  Really?  Interesting.  While I am not a big religious action film buff, I did enjoy parts of The Da Vinci Code, and yes, I’ve read the book by Dan Brown.  So, with varying and contradictory information whirling in my brain, I headed into the darkened theatre with 10 minutes to go before showtime.

I waited.  And I waited.  It took a half an hour of previews to get to the actual film (whose running time is more on par with 125 minutes than the 150 minutes posted at some film sites from the beginning of the film to the beginning of the credits).  This is typical, and I never mind watching previews, but what I didn’t know and should have was that this would be indicative of my Angels & Demons experience…waiting for something to happen and then rolling my eyes when it did.

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