Land of the Lost

Land of the Lost (c) 2009 Relativity Media

Land of the Lost (c) 2009 Relativity Media

Predictable.  Juvenile.  Unimaginative.  Yes.  I’m talking about Will Ferrell’s performance in the big screen adaptation of the beloved 70’s television show Land of the Lost. I know I may be stepping on a few toes, and I have nothing against Will Ferrell (especially after his turn as doomed IRS agent Harold Crick in Stranger Than Fiction), but I have to side with those who are now questioning whether or not our love affair with Ferrell has come to an end.

Ferrell stars as Dr. Rick Marshall whose theories on quantum paleontology and time warping make him the laughing stock of the scientific community.  After a humiliating appearance on the Today show, when Matt Lauer rips him to shreds, Dr. Marshall finds himself giving presentations to field tripping school kids at the La Brea tar pits.  When a beautiful, young doctoral candidate named Holly (played by Anna Friel) throws a fossil onto his desk with the imprint of a Zippo, everything changes.  Following Holly to the middle of the desert, where she found the fossil, Marshall uses his recently completed tacyon-locating-device  to open a portal to another dimension where the past, present, and future all collide.

What Land of the Lost gets right: The film’s production is pitch perfect for a Summer blockbuster – especially the natural juxtaposition of 50s Americana (ie: the neon motel sign near the pool) and other well known iconographic architectural landmarks against the stark desert landscape.  Compare the film to the kitsch of the 70s television show, however, and you’ll see a film taking itself far too seriously.

What Land of the Lost gets wrong: Everything else.

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2 responses to “Land of the Lost

  1. I saw the movie and thought it was quite silly. Although it had its funny moments in it, I would say that the dinosaurs were more interesting than the actors in it. They should have given the paycheck to the t rex instead of Will Farrell.

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