A Marine Story (in production)

A Marine Story (c) 2009 Last Battlefield, LLC

A Marine Story (c) 2009 Last Battlefield, LLC

Years ago, before I became attached at the hip with a twitterberry enabled Blackberry, I kept myself apprised of upcoming films whilst they were still in production by reading industry publications like Premiere magazine and Variety.  It was nearly impossible to find any information about independent films until they were already in theatres or available for rental.  Forget about finding anything relevant to the LGBT community – those films were rare, and unless you were lucky enough to live near a city with an annual film festival, you usually found out about these films years after they’d been released.

Over the years, it’s become easier to find great independent films, thanks largely to the Internet and, in recent months, tools like Twitter.  It was during one of my morning Twitter breaks that I ran across a reference to a new Dreya Weber (The Gymnast/Everything Relative) project: A Marine Story which was scheduled to go into production that week.  The film, which tackles the military’s “don’t ask/don’t tell” policy, also stars the dishy Paris Pickard and was written by Weber’s husband, Ned Farr, who directs.

The blog itself is absolutely teeming with information that is both interesting and trivial, making it a relative smorgasboard for indie film nuts like myself.  It offers a rare glimpse into what it takes to get an indie film off the ground and onto the screen while making you feel as though you are along for the ride.

You can also follow the production of the film on Twitter (here).


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