The Runaways (in production)

Joan Jett & Kristen Stewart - "Runaways"

Joan Jett & Kristen Stewart - "Runaways"

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“…what a crappy week, but wait – there is something to be excited about!”

Production on the Joan Jett biopic “The Runaways” got underway recently.  And as if you couldn’t possibly already know this – Kristen Stewart (of Twilight fame) has been cast as the teenage Jett and Dakota Fanning (who is also costarring in New Moon) will be playing Cherie Currie.  Yes, it’s true, and unless it ends up on the cutting room floor, Stewart and  Fanning will share some pretty intense scenes in the film…put “love” in front of “scenes” and perhaps you’ll catch my drift.

Rumors started circling late last year that Stewart would be playing Jett in a project about the all-girl 70s band “The Runaways” when the two spent time together New Year’s Eve at a concert Jett was giving here in the PNW.  Over the last several months, Stewart has been spotted at Sunset Studios in NoHo where she and Jett have been laying down tracks for the film.

The film, written and directed by Floria Sigismondi and executively produced by Jett herself,  follows the rise and eventual fall (disillusionment) of 1970s seminal rock band “The Runaways” who were a driving presence in the LA punk scene.  Of her role in The Runaways (which may also be titled Cherry Bomb), Stewart says “[this is] an incredibly triumphant feminist story, really. She is an incredibly distinct personality, and so many people love and admire her, and so many people know her as just being one of the coolest people ever to live — and that, in itself, has been one of the most intimidating things that I have ever had to confront.

Set for release sometime in 2010, we’ll just have to continue holding our breath and listening to our Runaways vinyl in the meantime.


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