Is This the Bed-death of Lesbian Cinema?

(photo copyright © 2006-2008 amber sharp, productions. all rights reserved)

(photo copyright © 2006-2008 amber sharp, productions. all rights reserved)

I’m becoming increasingly disturbed by the lack of new, lesbian-centric film as 2009 drags on through Summer. With news hitting my inbox that Le Jupon Rouge is finally releasing on dvd, I’m reminded of a sad fact – when you get excited about the dvd release of a film made over twenty years ago, something’s wrong, people.

Thankfully, with the advent of the Internet, we can also get to films from the UK, Romania, Italy, Japan, and anywhere else you can imagine. But, as for films that accurately reflect the trials, joys, and love lives (or lack thereof) of the American dyke, the selection is slimmer. Unfortunately, it seems like those in the lesbian community (and others who, for some reason, enjoy lesbian cinema without themselves being queer) have about one, high quality, solidly produced, American film to look forward to a year…if we’re lucky. Compare this to our queer brothers – who, by my count, have significantly more financial backing (due to, perhaps, greater interest) and in turn have significantly more celluloid to show for it.

With filming wrapped on the new Dreya Weber/Ned Farr project A Marine Story, and filming drawing to a close on the Joan Jett biopic The Runaways/Cherry Bomb, I’m left wondering if we’ll see either before year’s end – either at the Fall/Winter festivals or in cinemas. Doubtful…sigh.

Which leads me to another question – Guinevere Turner, where the hell have you gone off to? I’m sorry, but short films and little cameo appearances aside, you’ve all but disappeared from the landscape. I realize your latest ventures, Feed & Don’t Go are both in (post)production – but again – it’s strictly an episodic affair, and we could really use your voice/vision in broader strokes…after all, if we’re not careful, we’ll see the bed-death of lesbian cinema sooner, rather than later (and I’ll blame you).


4 responses to “Is This the Bed-death of Lesbian Cinema?

  1. Oh no! Not lesbian Cinema Bed Death! It’s true though….I would loooove to see a cool dyke centric film anywhere right now. Hell, I would even settle for just having a beer or three with some actual lesbians here in Missouri!

    • I agree – things are slowing down (or, quietly gearing up) for lesbian-centric cinema. Dreya Weber’s forthcoming project about a marine who is confronted with the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy looks like it’s going to be all we get in terms of mainstream lesbian film in the coming months…

      …whereabouts in Missouri?

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