Love Crime

Alain Corneau's Love Crime

Full disclosure: I have been in love with Kristin Scott Thomas for years.  It’s shameful, I know, but if you can’t relate, even after seeing this film, at least don’t judge.

“Love Crime” is a delicious tale of the power struggle between two women who work in the vicious atmosphere of cut-throat international business.  Wound tight and set to spin, the relationship between Scott Thomas’ “Christine” and the alluring (I won’t say newcomer – she’s been at this since 1989) Ludivine Sagnier’s “Isabelle” is one of dreams and nightmares.  That Christine reads Isabelle’s desire to please and manipulates her effortlessly (with an ease that almost illicits boredom on her part) is the entire crux of the film.  What happens next, after a string of manipulations and betrayals is deserved, but never expected – at least by Christine, who has had her fun pushing Isabelle to her absolute limit.

“Love Crime” is a taut psychological drama that is as erotic as it is thrilling.

director Alain Corneau - portrait © 2012 ctaylor

director Alain Corneau – portrait © 2012 ctaylor

Explore more at the official website:  Love Crime

Official trailer: Love Crime Trailer


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