The Four-Faced Liar

Jacob Chase's The Four-Faced Liar

“Everyone has a thing that makes them attracted to someone else.  Like, you straight girls are into holding doors and a hand on the small of your back.”


The Four-Faced Liar begs the question, if you are no longer a twentysomething looking for love, are films about twentysomethings looking for love relevant?

My answer is yes.  Yes, they are, especially when they are charming and real and scary like Jacob Chase‘s The Four-Faced Liar.

Jacob Chase's The Four-Faced Liar

Set in New York City, a pair of ill-matched women (one a serial monogamist in a heterosexual relationship, the other a free-spirited lesbian who can barely keep her pants on) meet and inadvertently fall in love against the backdrop of the bar scene, specifically, an Irish pub called the “Four-Faced Liar” in the West Village.

Jacob Chase's The Four-Faced Liar

Marja Lewis Ryan stars as Bridget, a lesbian lethario who bounces from girl to girl never finding anyone that can captivate her for more than a night.  Emily Peck is Molly, the straight-laced hetero who has never played “I’ve Never” drinking game and yes, never kissed a girl.  I find it only mildly disturbing that every time a straight girl (usually already entangled in a relationship of some sort) and a gay gal share the same screen, I want them to hook up – post haste.  No apologies, though.  I’m just built that way.

I don’t necessarily feel guilty about it and maybe I should.

It seems to be a part of our collective history.  After all, most people are straight … up until they’re not.  The Four-Faced Liar is no exception – the moment Bridget and Molly share a scene, I wish the boys would disappear, even though I know they won’t.  The film follows the natural progression from discovery to lust and love and the fallout that invariably follows.  There is a chemistry between the two leads, Ryan and Peck, and even if it – at times – feels a bit forced, there is a raw intensity to Ryan’s performance.

Jacob Chase's The Four-Faced Liar

Buy the story line or not, The Four-Faced Liar is a terrific little film about being young, finding yourself, falling in and out of love.

A success during the 2010 festival circuit, winning acclaim at Outfest, Q Cinema Film Festival and the Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, The Four-Faced Liar is a delight.  Its characters are refreshingly real and unapologetic.  Bridget is a lesbian “for all seasons” and many will be able to relate to Ryan’s portrayal.


Qualifying Scene Sticker

Jacob Chase's The Four-Faced Liar

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Jacob Chase's The Four-Faced Liar


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