Disney/Pixar present "Brave"

Disney/Pixar present “Brave”

Every.  Single.  Time.

I should know better, I really should, especially with the “22 Rules of Storytelling: according to Pixar” printout pinned to the cork board in my office.  I should know better, but I go into “Brave” blindly, thinking I’m going to walk out of this movie feeling uplifted.

Did I after “UP”…?  No.  I cried for twenty minutes and then quit my job – seize life!

Did I feel awesome after “Wall-E”…?  No.  I started going to the gym again.

I could keep going, but I’m sure you see the theme.  Pixar excels at holding up a mirror.  They worm their way into your heart by showing you characters who just keep trying and trying, no matter how much, or how badly, they fail.  Half-way through the film, I’m sniveling and snorting and doing my best not to call my mother to say I’m sorry for a dozen things I never did.

“Brave” centers around a complicated relationship between the film’s lead character, a ginger-haired (all love to the gingers) youngster named Merida and her mother, arranged marriages, and of course, growing up.   The story’s subject matter may be over some of the audience’s heads, but there’s plenty of humor to be had as well.

With an engaging storyline and breathtaking visuals, “Brave” is worth the price of admission.

Disney/Pixar present: Brave

Disney/Pixar present: Brave


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