The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton’s 1993 masterpiece “The Nightmare Before Christmas” instantly became a cult classic.  It has been re-released in theaters, converted to 3D and was nominated for an Academy Award.  I know, I know.  I”m gushing.  It’s difficult, in the extreme, not to, when it comes to stop motion animation especially when melded to the unique vision that is Tim Burton’s.

Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

The story centers around the quandary faced when, the King of Halloweentown, Jack Skellington, decides he wants more out of life than scaring children on one night of the year.  After a mishap between the holiday realms, Jack mistakenly enters the world of Christmas.  Returning to Halloweentown, Jack’s emptiness continues to grow until he finally decides he must have Christmas night as well.  All hell breaks loose in Halloweentown as the residents try to get their heads around the idea of giving gifts to children.  Meanwhile, Jack launches a scheme to remove Santa Claus (“Sandy Claws”) from his throne as the King of Christmas so he can be the lucky one to bring joy to the children of the world on Christmas Night.

Jack Skellington in the world of Christmas

Jack Skellington in the world of Christmas

Starring the vocal talents of Chris Sarandon (“Fright Night”, “The Princess Bride”), Catherine O’Hara (“Beetlejuice”, “Frankenweenie”) and Danny Elfman, the film features an infectious musical score that you’ll want to listen to time and again.  Appropriate for Halloween through Christmas, the genius of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is in every tiny detail in every building, every character, every set in every scene of this film.  There’s enough going on here to watch the film over and over again, and you probably will.


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