Disney/Pixar present Wall-E

Disney/Pixar present Wall-E

The 2008 Disney/Pixar animated feature film Wall·E was rated one of the decade’s best movies, raked in more than $500M worldwide, and won a slew of awards (including the Academy Aware for Best Animated Feature).  More than that, Wall·E is an entertaining and educational film fit for the entire family.

The charming tale of a Waste Allocation Load Lifer – E Class (Wall·E) robot left behind to clean the surface of the Earth takes place in the year 2805.  All human life has abandoned the Earth in giant starliners where their every need is met through technology.  They no longer walk, instead floating on hover chairs that carry them to and fro.  The Earth has been literally destroyed by thoughtless mass consumerism.  Barren, deserted, depressing and devoid of all life save for this one little robot, Wall·E, who spends his every waking moment relentlessly carrying out his duties to locate and relocate waste.

Disney/Pixar present Wall-E

Disney/Pixar present Wall-E

People spend a lot of time analyzing the story structure of Pixar films, due in part to their universal success.   There is very little dialogue in the first half of Wall·E, which I found delightful since it forces its audience to pay attention to what is happening, what is not being said.  Making the assumption that this film is primarily for children would be a mistake.  Adults can stand to watch the film (which is ripe with humor and thought-provoking concepts) with their children and be present to answer questions or act on their child’s new found interest in global stewardship.  The film presents the opportunity to begin the dialog about personal responsibility while children are excited, engaged and inspired by the film.  There is much to learn from the storytelling prowess of Pixar.  As an aside, since we’re talking about it, the story of Wall·E follows the following Pixar structure:

1.) Once upon a time there was… 2.) And every day… 3.) One day… 4.) And because of that … 5.) And because of that … 6.) Until, finally…

Disney/Pixar present Wall-E

Disney/Pixar present Wall-E

There are other concepts at play within Wall·E that make the film engaging for adults as well as children.  The search for companionship, for meaning, for a purpose greater than oneself, personal responsibility and stewardship.  Pretty heady stuff for kids, but as I mentioned, kids aren’t the only target audience here.  Everything is packaged in the beautifully shiny world of Disney/Pixar, but this is only to help make you more receptive to what they’re trying to tell you.

Disney/Pixar present Wall-E

Disney/Pixar present Wall-E

What I truly love about Wall·E is that in it’s ending, when given an opportunity, people choose to do the right thing, even though it’s difficult.

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