Your Sister’s Sister

IFC Films presents Your Sister's Sister

IFC Films presents Your Sister’s Sister

Written and Directed by Lynn Shelton, Your Sister’s Sister is an unconventional love story set in the beloved stomping grounds of my Pacific Northwest home.

Still trying to recover from the sudden death of his brother, Jack (Mark Duplass), accepts an offer from his brother’s ex-girlfriend (the indomitable Emily Blunt) to stay at her family’s remote cabin.  When Jack arrives, he is met by Iris’ older sister, Hannah (Mad Men’s Rosemarie Dewitt).  Hannah has just broken off a 7-year relationship (with another woman) and has also sought the solitude of the cabin to come to terms with what’s happening in her life.

After a sleepless night, Jack and Hannah drink too much and then share too much … including a bed.  When Iris unexpectedly turns up at the cabin the following morning, Jack and Hannah must decide if they should tell Iris about their (brief) affair.

IFC Films presents Your Sister's Sister

IFC Films presents Your Sister’s Sister

Your Sister’s Sister is a terrific little indie film featuring the stellar performances of Blunt, DeWitt, and Duplass.  Each character is racked with their own unique set of tics and neuroses.  The dialogue feels so real it’s as if you’re eavesdropping at the neighbor’s house rather than watching a film.  There are plenty of laughs until the truth, invariably, finds a way to be known then the melodrama rolls out in glorious, familial fashion.

IFC Films presents Your Sister's Sister

IFC Films presents Your Sister’s Sister

Writer/director Lynn Shelton credits hearing an interview with Claire Denis at the Northwest Film Forum back in 2003 with giving her the encouragement she needed to follow her ambition to direct. [2]  Shelton, who makes her home in Seattle, was only 37 at the time and thought the possibility of directing was closed to her.  The interview with Denis changed all that, and thankfully so.  Your Sister’s Sister is a tender, unusual tale of love and the lasting, and always unique bond between siblings.

Your Sister’s Sister is now available for purchase on DVD/Blu-Ray, and for online streaming at Amazon.


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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 84%

Cost to make: $125,000 [1]

Box Office: $1,597,486 [1]


[1]: Your Sister’s Sister, wikipedia page,’s_Sister

[2]: Scriptless in Seattle: A Filmmaker’s Map, New York Times,


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