The Collector

LD Entertainment presents The Collector

LD Entertainment presents The Collector

Fans of the later installments in the Saw franchise, rejoice.  The writer of the Saw IV, V, VI and 3D installments, Marcus Dunstan, and the director of Saw 3D, Patrick Melton, bring you The Collector.  Starring Josh Stewart as a quick-thinking jewel thief named Arkin, The Collector features a plot heavily supported by themes of torture and booby traps.

Everything goes down one night when, after hearing his (estranged) wife is in deep with a debt collector, Arkin decides he’s out of time.  Posing as a handyman, Arkin has spent the last month casing a recently purchased McMansion.  Inside, in a wall-safe, is a massive, rare gem.  The gem, which he had planned to steal anyway, has to be lifted now.  Tonight.  Before midnight, or his wife will meet some horrible end.  But, once inside the house, with only one digit left to crack on the safe, Arkin realizes he’s not alone in the house.

LD Entertainment presents The Collector

The film is dark, but I’m talking  lighting conditions, here, not themes.  Low-light situations abound.  This is little more than a ploy by the writer/director in hopes that your mind is helping make the film more terrifying than it actually is.  It worked in Saw, but not always, and it doesn’t really work here.  When the traps being employed are basically supporting cast members it would help to be able to really see them.  Among the more attentive film goers, there will be complaints about feasibility and plausibility, but I leave all that to them.  I still believe when you walk into the theater, you should leave your rational mind at the door and be open to what they’re about the throw at you.  The Collector, while it ultimately fails to truly scare or engage, is no exception.

LD Entertainment presents The Collector

Originally pitched as a potential prequel to the Saw saga, The Collector has some of the gore but lacks the initial flashes of originality seen in director James Wan‘s 2004 horror masterpiece, Saw.  The bright spot of the film is Josh Stewart, who can also be seen in The Dark Knight Rises.  Stewart is compelling as the down-on-his-luck ex-con struggling to make a life for himself and his child.  His performance as a relentlessly unyielding, unwilling participant stuck in a veritable house of horrors is reason enough to endure The Collector.


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Rotten Tomatoes: 30%

Budget: $3 – 3.4M [1]

Box Office: $9.4M [1]


[1] Box Office Mojo –


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