The Heat – Sneak Peek

20th Century Fox presents The Heat


Finally!  20th Century Fox has released the red band trailer for the upcoming cop buddy comedy The Heat starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy!  Due out in April 2013, The Heat is being helmed by Bridesmaids producer Paul Feig (also responsible for the awesome Freaks and Geeks series).

20th Century Fox presents The Heat

The film centers on the unlikely pairing of two polar opposites, Bullock & McCarthy.  Bullock plays an FBI agent who joins forces with a Boston-area cop (McCarthy) to bring down a drug boss.

Sure, the subject matter has been used before.  Don’t call it tired.  Call it tested.  Especially when you add two solid leads like Bullock and McCarthy.

Sure, but women seem to be back in roles where they may feel … familiar.  Bullock, who played the awkward, but ultimately lovable, FBI agent Gracie Hart in both incarnations of Miss Congeniality, and McCarthy who was nominated for an Academy Award (and a SLEW of other award nods) for her portrayal as the crass and bold Megan in Feig’s 2011 project, Bridesmaids.

Yes, yes yes to those things … but, ultimately, there is a contingent of people out here that will turn out to see this movie – in droves.  After all, who wouldn’t want (need and enjoy) a good, mindless laugh for 90+ minutes?

Cheers to that!

20th Century Fox presents The Heat

Let the comedic genius, physical mayhem, and girl-power commence!  I’m already rooting for a sequel.

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