The Brood

New World Pictures presents The Brood

“Thirty seconds after you’re born you have a past and sixty seconds after that you begin to lie to yourself about it”


The Brood is a 1979 horror film directed by gore master David Cronenberg.  Set against a desolate, wintery backdrop, The Brood is a dark and thought-provoking film that posits a reality in which a woman is able to physically manifest her anger in the form of mutant offspring.  Her brood, such as they are, then carries out their brood mother’s will – hellbent on venting pent up rage which results in murder.

New World Pictures presents The Brood

The Brood has a spectacularly strong cast, starring Samantha Eggar as the Brood Mother (Nola), Art Hindle as her confused spouse, Frank, and Oliver Reed as Dr. Hal Raglan, Nola’s crackpot (or so it would seem) psychotherapist.  Everything about the film screams Cronenberg and classic horror from the very real personal, very emotional struggles between the characters and themselves to the striking visual effects used to explain how Nola is able to “give birth” to her anger.

New World Pictures presents The Brood

There are moments that may cause extreme discomfort in some viewers, which count among the many and varied reasons The Brood easily earns it place on the “Top 50 Scariest Films of All Time” list, coming in at  #28.  All of these scenes are masterfully placed to keep the viewers engaged and invested in discovering the final, ultimate truth behind the series of seemingly meaningless, but connected, acts of violence.

New World Pictures presents The Brood

While The Brood feels ripe for being remade, it’s doubtful anyone will truly capture what Cronenberg was able to achieve here, let alone bring anything truly fresh to an updated version.  The film, at its heart, is a family drama, painting a vivid (if not completely fantastic) portrait of the dangers of unproven psychotherapeutic treatments.  The Brood manages to find shock value in the safest of places – maternal love.


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