The Mist

MGM presents The Mist

“Don’t go out there!  There’s something in the mist!”


When a mysterious haze falls over a small New England town, a group of survivors rallies at a local super market where, in the face of the unknown, societal structure quickly falls away.

Starring Thomas Jane as David, Marcia Gay Harden as Mrs. Carmody, Laurie Holden as Amanda, Toby Jones as Ollie, Jeffrey DeMunn as Dan, and Melissa McBride, the 2007 film adaptation of the Stephen King short story by the same name is directed by Frank Darabont.

MGM presents The Mist

The Mist marks Stephen King’s 5th appearance on the Boston Top 50 list at #16 (Cujo, Pet Sematary, 1408, Salem’s Lot).  Featuring an impressive ensemble cast (three of whom – DeMunn, Holden, and McBride – go on to star in  AMC’s The Walking Dead), Darabont’s adaptation of Stephen King’s story is far darker with an alternate ending to the author’s original work.

The Mist works as a horror film, as a sci-fi film, as a creature feature, and as a gripping drama, which makes it a wholly entertaining experience.  Coming in long for a film in the genre (at just over 2 hours), The Mist quickly and relentlessly builds tension through fear of the unknown, interpersonal strife, violence, and ultimately the fight and will to survive.

MGM presents The Mist

Performances by Harden and Jane are notable among the solid portrayals of fleshy characters from the entire cast.  Harden, in particular, who stars as the religious fanatic and town crazy, Mrs. Carmody, is a delight.  Love the character or hate the character, Harden’s turn as Mrs. Carmody takes the level of fear and tension to an otherworldly plane.  Without it, The Mist would be lacking.  After all, one of the predominantly terrifying aspects of The Mist is just how quickly everything falls apart as the band of survivors faces the unknown.

MGM presents The Mist

What I love about The Mist is the idea that what lurks beyond what you can see is far worse than you can imagine.  I’ve never been big on creature horror films, but they work here with a measure of sci-fi that is equally as refreshing as it is terrifying.

Atmospheric, dramatic, horrific and filled with disgustingness, The Mist reveals that Darabont has a grasp on King’s material.  Marking the third collaboration between Darabont and King, The Mist is a horror film with a heart, one whose story will leaving you emotionally and mentally drained.


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4 responses to “The Mist

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  2. Not Darabont’s best, but a flick that still keeps you on-edge the whole time and really scared as to where it could and just might possibly go. Nice review.

    • Thanks for the comment! I agree, especially since Darabont has gone on to bigger/better places with his involvement on AMC’s The Walking Dead. Do you have a favorite Darabont film?

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