The Exorcist (1973)

Warner Bros. presents The Exorcist

“The Power of Christ compels you!”


After the 12-year old daughter of a famous actress, Chris MacNeil, begins displaying signs of demonic possession, Chris turns to a Catholic priest in hopes that an exorcism will restore her daughter’s health.

Starring Ellen Burstyn as Chris MacNeil, Jason Miller as Father Karras, Max von Sydow as Father Merrin, Linda Blair as Regan, and Mercedes McCambridge as the voice of Pazuzu, The Exorcist is directed by William Friedkin based on the novel of the same name by William Peter Blatty.

Warner Bros. presents The Exorcist

The Exorcist is a once in a generation film.  It’s the kind of film whose far reaching influence continues to touch and inspire creative endeavors all around the world.  It has been referenced in countless other films, television series, cartoons, and comedic stand-up routines.  This year, December 26th, will mark the 40th anniversary of The Exorcist‘s release.

The version of The Exorcist I screened for this review is the 2000 theatrical re-release entitled The Exorcist: The Version You’ve Never Seen.  I was lucky enough to get a copy of the film on DVD years earlier and am happy to use it now because it includes the restored “spider-walk” scene originally cut from the film by director Friedkin.  It is a scene so chilling, despite it’s short length (from start to finish, I believe it’s less than 30 seconds of screentime), it renewed the fear I felt upon watching The Exorcist for the first time decades earlier.

Warner Bros. presents The Exorcist

Friedkin believed the spider-walk effect didn’t work technically in 1973 because the wires used to aid the contortionist (Linda R. Hager) in the scene could not be fully removed in post-production.  It’s unfortunate because of its importance to the plot.  This scene is arguably the moment when Regan’s mother, Chris (Burstyn), no longer believes her daughter (Blair) is just ill, but, instead, truly possessed by a demonic force.

The spider-walk scene is that “aha!” moment in the storyline that drives the character of Chris , who is an atheist, to seek the help of the Catholic church; specifically Father Karras (Miller).  And while it is a little bit more dramatic than the spider-walking in Blatty’s novel, it remains unnerving and powerful nonetheless. [1]

Warner Bros. presents The Exorcist

Much has been said and analyzed and theorized about the use of a young child in a story about demonic possession, particularly a young girl.  I think the crux of the arguments for and against ignore the truth; that Regan is a child or a girl has nothing to do with the demon Pazuzu’s true intent.  Pazuzu’s intent is to chip away at and eventually destroy those around Regan; her atheist mother, Father Karras’ faith, and Father Merrin’s health.  It is the sowing of the grief and despair that interests Pazuzu.

That Regan is a girl is irrelevant.  But not for the audience.

One of the key elements to The Exorcist‘s shock value is Regan.  A fresh-faced, otherwise relatively unknown Linda Blair, embodied a youthful innocence and curiosity.  She is shown as a sweet, horse-obsessed child who, in the wake of her parent’s separation, is just a little unsure of her surroundings.  Her one mistake, finding and playing with a Ouija board she finds in a downstairs closet, like Eve and the Apple, is also her downfall. Regan unwittingly opens a doorway to another realm, inviting in Captain Howdy (Pazuzu).

Warner Bros. presents The Exorcist

As Regan is forced to endure the litany of defilements, violence, and abuse of Pazuzu’s possession, the audience is trapped as a passive observer;  powerless to help, unable to look away.  It’s a brilliant mechanism employed by screenwriter/author Blatty, who,in doing so, extends the reach of Pazuzu’s torments beyond the 4th wall, into the real world.

It is this extension of fiction into the realm of reality that aids the overall feeling of terror The Exorcist exudes.  For those particularly sensitive to religious or supernatural horror, there is possibly no greater film in the horror genre than The Exorcist.  For those of us who could take or leave religiously based horror, there is the psychological element behind Regan’s illness to consider.

That her mother had consulted 88 doctors in a relentless effort to discover what is ailing her, and that search yields nothing more than a final scene in which a doctor, in a room full of doctors, tells her to consider exorcism, is as powerful today as it was in the 1970s.  Potentially moreso, as we begin to see cultural shifts in the way we view the dealings of the Catholic church in general.

It’s this opening of loopholes, of possibilities, of causality, that makes the premise behind The Exorcist so horrifying for any viewer, not just those with religious inclinations.  For me, there is a serious body horror element to The Exorcist that will plague my thoughts as long as I live.

Warner Bros. presents The Exorcist

Most things are done right in the film adaptation of The Exorcist, despite the lengths to which the audience is required to go in order to see it through.  The pacing is deliberately slow allowing for a more complete development of the central characters (namely Chris and daughter Regan, and Father Karras).  In fact, this development is implicitly necessary in order for the events of the film to have any meaning and impact.  After all, it’s the connection between mother and daughter that ultimately creates the driving fear behind the girl’s losing battle with Pazuzu.

Although it goes without saying, I’ll say it.  The Exorcist is a horror film classic, suitable for fans of religious and secular horror alike.


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[1] ”The Exorcist (film)” Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. 21 Feb. 2013. Web.  22 Feb. 2013. <>


38 responses to “The Exorcist (1973)

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  3. Linda Hager did not do the Spiderwalk! Ann Miles did the Spiderwalk with no help from a wire. WB and Linda Hager now acknowledge this. Ann Miles is credited on Exorcist facebook Halloween promotion 2014 by WB . Vercoutere- Hager publicity due to internet scam.

  4. I hope you will learn more soon. I am writing a book and I plan to go into detail. I am seeking a publisher. Ann “Annie ” Miles

  5. All the Spiderwalk publicity is based on an internet scam. Linda Hager was not a contortionist, not a stunt double. She did not perform the Spiderwalk on April 11th, 1973 or ever. I, Ann Miles, performed the Spiderwalk the first and only time it was done eight months later. Marcel posted a blog on the internet that was a total fabrication. It was posted on a pirated website with the WB logo. The press picked it up and ran with it. The blog went viral and the rest is history. Hager got credit for my work and I couldn’t question it for almost thirty years because the film had not been seen or released . By 1997 when it was used in the BBC documentary then in the extended director’s cut , Marcel’s account of the Spiderwalk was ingrained in everyone’s mind and published all over the world and on the internet forever. Everyone parroted lines from the fabrication. Everyone had and still has the impression Linda Hager did the Spiderwalk by being suspended on Marcel’s wire. It didn’t work. That wire was useless! They had paramnesia .Thirty years later nobody remembered or had confused fantasy with reality. When I came forward in 1997 to SAG ,WB said they weren’t using my film. They bought Marcel’s fabrication like everyone else.

    • Anne,

      I run a blog called BEHIND THE EXORCIST which primarily focuses on behind the scenes facts, tidbits and rare media from The Exorcist. My aim is to clear up many of the false rumours about the film, and perhaps give people (especially younger generations) a better appreciation for the incredible work and artistry everyone involved put into making it, rather than just focusing on the horror elements.

      I’ve been fortune enough to have been featured on popular websites such as Buzzfeed, and both William Friedkin and Linda Blair have posted links on their official social media accounts. My audience has since grown to approx. 200,000 subscribers.

      I would love to tell your story on the site and help you recieve the credit you deserve. Feel free to get in touch, if you wish. My email is contact [at]

      Cheers from Australia,


  6. Ann, thank you for coming forward and sharing your experiences working on the film. Like many others, I want to hear the real (true) stories behind the film’s production. It’s distasteful to learn there is a clear effort to distort the truth, for whatever reason, especially when the creative efforts of others is effectively “erased”. Hopefully, we can start to change that.

    In that spirit, I hope you’ll feel free to give us some insight into the creation of the scene. Anyone who’s seen it would of course assume it was extremely physically challenging, but what do you remember most about shooting the scene?

    Thanks again, Ann, for taking the time to set the record straight. Please keep us in the loop about your upcoming book so we can support your contribution to the film and the industry.

  7. I remember it like it was yesterday. As a gymnast I knew the center of gravity on a woman is her hips. The farther down the stairs you go the higher your hips, so you have to fight to keep from going all the way over. I took some arch out of my back and that way I had more control. I could ” sort of” drag my hips along in a lower position. I tried to use the belt and wire that was already there because I thought they wanted me to.( for insurance or something.) The famous Marcel Vercoutere wire broke immediately. As a result, I fell half way down the stairs on my first take. You can see the beginning of my fall (google Spiderwalk behind the scenes) Now the wire was gone and I was glad. I didn’t need it. I didn’t want it. It didn’t work! I had rehearsed without it and never fell. The Spiderwalk you see with Hager’s name on it is my second take. Now I activated a blood capsule half way down the stairs. It was not CGI and they did not have to remove any wire with CGI .The wire was gone by the time I did the bloody take. Except for the BBC documentary, that is the film they used. It wasn’t too difficult for me. I was in shape then. Strong as a horse and about as flexible as you can get. That’s not to say it is easy .It took some strength and flexibility was of major importance. I specialized in that sort of thing so that is how I knew Marcel’s account of what happened was impossible. You need your full weight on the stairs so you can feel your weight to keep your balance.

  8. Marcel Vercoutere ( special effects) wanted Linda Hager to do the S.W. She couldn’t do it! Marcel built an elaborate carriage and flying wire so he could do it for her. It didn’t work. She still couldn’t do it. The wire was useless. Linda Hager was NOT filmed!
    Actress- Stuntwoman Ann Miles was hired to do the Spiderwalk sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas 1973. I did the bloody Spiderwalk without the help of Marcel’s wire. Meanwhile ,Marcel jumped on the internet at some point and started promoting himself, Linda Hager and HIS WIRE on a pirated Warner Bros website. This was before the film was released! Now it was under the special effects department ( his forte’) He did interviews in magazines, newspapers etc. always promoting the S.W. ,Linda Hager and HIS WIRE. As this continued, he embellished. He endowed Hager with traits from my biographical profile i.e. contortionist and stunt double. He promoted himself, Linda Hager and HIS WIRE every chance he got, in and out of the press and to William Friedkin I’m sure.
    In 1997 BBC did Fear of God ,the documentary. Marcel was there, of course. His internet scam had by this time established that Hager was the Un-credited stunt woman who did the S.W.. (my profile) Everyone had that impression including Friedkin. William Friedkin did not verify by checking records. He not only didn’t remember me but when he found my film 26 years later, he didn’t remember shooting my scene or Burstyn’s reaction. THERE WAS NO FILM OF HAGER! At this time he spliced some of my film onto Linda Blair’s part of the original NON bloody scene so it could be used in the documentary. There was no film of Hager doing a Spiderwalk , so if there was no film to use , how could it be used in the documentary or the film?
    THIS WAS ALL A FABRICATION BY VERCOUTERE. there was no film of Hager. There never was any film of Hager. Vercoutere’s fabrication came out of a failed attempt to get spider walking footage for the NON bloody scene. By this time Marcel was saying that Hager’s scene got kinda bloody, but he was talking about the NON bloody scene so he was telling an outright lie. He knew exactly what he was doing and it was done with malice afore thought.
    There were several stand-ins made up as Regan on the set from time to time. Hager was one of them. These stand-ins used the title stunt girl or stunt double to each other, on the set and considered it interchangeable with stand-in. TITLES ARE NOT INTERCHANGABLE. In reality, I, Ann Miles was the only Stunt woman who worked on the film.
    Marcel Vercoutere created the illusion that Linda Hager did the S.W. and dispelled the notion that I, Ann Miles, ever existed .By the time they did the documentary, his fabrication about Linda Hager was ingrained in everyone’s mind. It was accepted as truth in every major newspaper all over the world. Twenty six years later he was still fabricating when he said the NON bloody scene got bloody and confirmed that it was shot. At the same time, He started the prattle about CGI having to be used to remove HIS WIRE from the bloody version Spiderwalk before it could be used in the “‘Version You’ve Never Seen.” This would insure that HIS WIRE would remain a talking point going forward. This could not be farther from the truth because there was no wire in my (ANN MILES) bloody Spiderwalk footage.
    I am certainly NOT saying that William Friedkin or Owen Roizman had anything to do with the HOAX or that they are fabricating. THEY DO NOT REMEMBER! They are just repeating Marcel’s fabrication which was accepted as truth. They were duped along with everyone else. William Friedkin had and still has the impression that Hager did the S.W. I was never introduced to Roizman and Friedkin does not remember ever meeting me. He does not remember shooting my scene and didn’t know he had my film when they pulled it out of the archive 26 years later. There was never any film of Hager. If anything— My guess is she made a failed attempt with Vercoutere’s harness and wire rig clearly visible and they did not film it. What really happened eight months later when Ann Miles was hired to do the Spiderwalk? It was filmed in two takes.

  9. I am proud that my small contribution to this classic movie made a big splash. People loved it or hated it but it was not overlooked or forgotten. Everyone wrote books and talked about it. Now it’s finally my turn. My account is different. My memory is fine tuned from visualizing every detail of every stunt I ever did and I only had to think about the Spiderwalk not the whole movie. That is why I remember it like it was yesterday. Part of my prep for doing the S.W. was visualizing. I visualized every step of it .I rehearsed how to change my body line for more stability on the stairs. I did without the wire so I could feel how to balance as I descended the stairs. I bit a blood capsule no bigger than a one a day vitamin pill. That little capsule poured out so much blood I couldn’t breathe! It flooded my nose and mouth. It felt like an eternity before I could open my mouth wide to get some air. I am opening my mouth wide now. I am telling the truth about the Spiderwalk after forty years of silence.

    • Ann it’s great to hear the truth about who really performed the scene. However I’m a little confused about the whole wire thing which perhaps you could clear up. There’s quite a bit of behind the scenes footage as well as photos from the different versions of the spiderwalk scene and you can clearly see there’s wires in all of them. You say it took only 2 takes – the bloody and non bloody versions – but footage from both of those have wires.

      • To elaborate further, some of the “outtake” footage I have is the same footage used in 2000 version of the movie and you can clearly see the wires. In the film, they have cleaned it up so the wires are not visible although if you know where to look you can still sometimes see where they were. In the 25th anniversary documentary they also show outtake footage and wires are clearly visible. On the new bluray documentary they show footage of Marcel doing something to the wire rig on your side before you come down the stairs, and also footage of the bloody version where wires are visible. Once you reach the bottom of the stairs, Marcel gives you a tissue to spit the blood and helps you back up and again the wires are visible. I also have production stills which show the wires clearly. I can clearly see it’s you performing the stunt but I think you might be remembering the whole wire thing wrong, or perhaps are angry and Marcel for mistakenly giving credit to someone else that you’re now trying to take away his credit (which wouldn’t be nice as he passed away not that long ago). I don’t mean to be rude but something isn’t adding up with what you’re saying and I’m just trying to help get to the bottom of it so you can truly receive the credit you deserve after all of these years.

  10. I don’t know what pictures or film you have. I will try to explain so you can understand. Marcel wanted Hager to do the Spiderwalk. She couldn’t do it . He built the carriage and put her in a harness on wires so that he could help her be able to do it. I wasn’t there so all I or anyone have to go by is his word. I also have a notarized statement from Linda R. Hager saying she did not perform the S.W. She must have made an attempt but no spider walking film was ever shot of her. There was no spider walking film for the NON bloody original scene. Some of my film from scene 143A was spliced onto Linda Blair’s original spider crawl (scene 143). When I was hired to do the S.W. eight months or so later ,there was a safety belt and wires there. I rehearsed without it. On my shooting day I tried to use the belt and wires because I thought they wanted me to.( insurance or something) The wire broke on my first take and I fell half way down the stairs. You can see the beginning of my fall on S.W. behind the scenes. The only time there was a wire in my film was before the wire broke.(half of my first take) Marcel was not present. You see a grip trying to keep the hook where the wire was no longer attached from showing on my second take. This was the bloody Spiderwalk and it was done without a wire. You may have seen still pictures of Linda Hager with a harness and wire showing. I don’t know. You did not see wire in my bloody Spiderwalk. There was no wire there. I submitted overwhelming evidence to SAG-AFTRA and WB. You saw a grip hand me a towel for the blood. Yes I am angry that Marcel ran an internet scam that resulted in Hager being erroneously credited for my work, but I am not seeking revenge. I do not wish to punish anyone. I am trying to restore my credibility so that I can be vetted for my current projects and get on with my work. Marcel died with dementia. I don’t wish to punish him or Ms. Hager. It is rather late for that and does no good. I will defend myself and I will tell the truth. I do not wish to be punished any longer myself.

  11. To elaborate further on the wire. That seems to be your main concern. There was a belt under my wardrobe that had a metal hook with a handle, for the lack of a better word. The end of this small handle went through a small hole in the side of the costume. The wire was attached to it. When the wire broke, the hook handle was still there. Since the hole in the costume was too low and didn’t line up with the handle, the material scrunched up above where the handle went through the hole in my costume. It probably would have required getting undressed to remove the whole thing for it to not show. There was a grip who noticed but William Friedkin called action right away and it was left unfixed. Even though the wire was now gone, as you correctly observed it still looks like a wire is there but you are not seeing a wire . You are seeing where the wire used to be attached. Contrary to popular belief, I did the Bloody S.W. without the wire. If they had used CGI to get rid of the wire why didn’t they get rid of the excess material? They could have done that with CGI. When you see the Spiderwalk in the film this is not what you are looking at and it is not noticeable. When you scrutinize ,and look at every detail through a magnifying glass with stop motion etc. you will see these things. If you have been told for almost 40 years the S.W. could not be done without Marcel’s wire you will believe you see a wire. There have been studies that show people continue to believe the first thing they hear so I’m sure whatever I say some people will always believe the myth. Myth lives longer than truth so they say. The reality is that my word will probably always be suspect, however, I am grateful that you are interested enough to ask. I hope this answers your question .Please realize I am only speaking of my scene (143A) . I don’t know what other film or stills you have so I cannot comment on that. It sounds like you are talking about out takes and behind the scenes footage. If you can be real specific I will try to get it and look.

  12. Thanks for clarifying further. Have you seen the documentary on the new bluray? its called Faces of Evil. They have some behind the scenes footage in there…. there’s somebody performing the bloody version of the spiderwalk. As the performer comes down the stairs, wires are clearly seen coming out of those handles and going up out of top screen view. They also show footage side-on. This looks pretty much like the same footage used in part of the movie however it is the raw outtake with no colour grading etc. The footage is not sped up like it is in the movie, and you can see wires. They are most obvious when moving in front of the picture frames. I tried to take captures but due to the grainy nature of the footage it is very hard to take a still image that shows them clearly, however when you view it in motion they are rather obvious as you can see them moving consistently with the performer in all of the shots. Also visible in an on set photograph. Here are some pics:

    Also some shots from Fear Of God: 25 years of The Exorcist documentary

  13. Thanks, Josh! That is terrific screen cap work. In the video and stills, it’s fairly clear (at least to me) that wires are being utilized. We appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into this and for sharing your findings!

    Ann, can you weigh in on what we’re seeing here?

  14. Josh, which Blu-ray? They don’t say Face of evil on the outside. Is it the 40th anniversary? Is it 3 or 6 disks? I’m looking on Amazon. It looks like most of these pix are from the first take where there was a wire . You did a great job. Can you do this for the bloody take?

  15. Hi Ann, both blurays the digibook (2 disc) and 40th anniversary (3 disc) have the documentary on the extended version side however it may be just advertised as “Raising Hell” as it’s a 3 part documentary and Faces Of Evil is one of the parts.

    There are pictures from the bloody version above however I have tried to create an animation for you. it was hard to keep a small file so I had to split it into 2.

  16. Josh, Boo! Happy Halloween! I don’t know what film you have or where you got it. I don’t know what stills you have or where you got them. I don’t know what was done to the film after I left or who has done what. I don’t know how film with a wire and film without a wire was spliced together. Most of the bloody frames are too close up to tell if there is or is not a wire. I don’t know which film went on the cutting room floor, was grainy or unusable. I cannot prove or disprove what was done with CGI. Neither can anyone else. There were too many people involved and too many factors to consider. No one person has all the information required or all the film, either. In the end trying to prove fuzzy details forty years later comes down to educated guess work, at best.
    Mark Kermode found my film and pulled it out of the archive for the BBC documentary. In Mark Kermode’s book “The Exorcist’ he says they digitally retouched 2 shots (p. 108) and found one fuzzy still photo where the HARNESS and wire was clearly visible. (p.61) Since I did not wear the harness, that still photo could not be me. As for the film—Did he mean 2 frames? He did not say 2 takes. He says two shots, so I’m thinking 2 frames. Does that mean that the footage without a wire was used and spliced onto footage with a wire? Does it mean for some reason the footage without a wire was not used? Did it go on the cutting room floor along with the backbend walking I remember doing on the landing at the top of the stairs without a wire? I don’t know. I don’t know what was done to the film after I left. I don’t know who did it or for what reason. It would have been edited and spliced together any way they saw fit. It would have been retouched if deemed necessary to get the result William Friedkin wanted. There are only a few seconds of Spiderwalking footage in the film. The rest is out takes or long gone. Behind the scenes footage is shot from a different camera. That means at some time in the process perhaps three cameras were shooting so there was probably more film than you think. Can you be certain you have seen all the film? I don’t think so. Unless you animate every frame of all the footage done you cannot say there was a wire in all of it. Or maybe you could say there was a wire in all of it because if they spliced together film with a wire and film without a wire you now have a wire in all of it. What is shown to the public is what they choose to show or maybe what survived thirty years before it was pulled out of the archive. I’m sorry to say, most likely it will never “add up” to everyone. You have a right to your own opinions and beliefs, whatever they may be.
    I don’t think it matters whether there is a wire or not. I think what you are trying to prove is the assertion that the Spiderwalk could not be done without the harness and wire. THAT IS HAGER’s PUBLICITY–NOT MINE! I have proved that Linda R. Hager did not perform the Spiderwalk. ( have verification) Therefore, it follows that her publicity speaking of HOW she did it is bogas.
    I will leave you with a couple of facts to consider: 1. The Spiderwalk is not a special effect. It is an acrobatic stunt. You cannot give anyone acrobatic skills they do not have by mechanical means. 2. I know it seems logical that being suspended on or supported by a wire would help. IT DOES NOT! It is counter intuitive . A wire hinders your ability to anchor your weight on the stairs so you can feel how to balance. It just makes it a little more difficult. Unless you were a trained gymnast or professional acrobat, you would probably not know these facts. Contrary to popular belief, the wire was no help and not necessary. Our discourse could go in circles from now on. Check out arkansasonline (Miles from famous–by Phillip Martin)
    I am reminded of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. I can hear Bernie in the background saying –“They’re tired of hearing about your damn wire. We need to talk about the real issue” That is how to get Linda Hager’s name AND HER PUBLICITY removed from Ann Miles work! Ann Miles film. Ann Miles images!

    • Ann, don’t get me wrong I completely agree with your last statement. The important thing is that you receive the credit you deserve.

      I guess I simply just wanted to try and piece the bits together to understand the full story, which so far has only shown evidence from multiple sources including Owen Roizman’s behind the scenes footage, that there was a wire present in all of it. and after seeing your photos it’s definitely you in all of the videos. i know billy friedkin loved to change his mind on many things and it is very likely he decided to scrap all the footage without wires for one reason or another. he seemed to like making things complicated. same thing happened to eileen dietz who doubled for linda blair, she shot many scenes including make up intensive vomit sequences and friedkin scrapped so much of it and decided to use linda blair after all. crazy!

      at the end of the day whether there is a wire or not isn’t really important because ultimately everyone did their job and a wonderful job you all did, and the result was incredibly effective even after 40-odd years.

  17. Josh, Thank you! I feel confident your intentions are good. You apparently have an interest in the film industry. That is good! I have no comment on the people or the theory you mentioned. Let it be noted– it was not my suggestion and I do not wish to surmise. It might be a good idea if I didn’t brag anymore either.

    • Hey you were in one of the most influential movies and an iconic scene… I think you deserve bragging rights!

      • I really couldn’t agree with Josh more, Ann. Thank you again for telling us about your experiences working on this project. THE EXORCIST is a film that inspired me, and countless others, and you played a role in its making. Please always feel free to “brag” here.

        Best wishes for a happy Halloween to you both!

  18. This is in reply to Mr barrets thoughts…. My aunt Ann miles is the only person that executed the spiderwalk in the movie contrary to anything you heard……Mrs Hagarsigned notarized document stating she never did the spiderwalk….also my aunt is the one whose always been paid residual pay gfor the movie…..Mrs Hagar never received any residual pay…..just please do the right thing unlike the underhanded Vercoutere….give credit where credit is due. This has been so very hard on her she worked extremely hard all her life, only to deal with this.. …she has a very impressive resume online, if you haven’t checked it out you should…….its very hard to fight what she has.. I’m very proud of her!

  19. Happy Holiday season to all and Happy New Year! I want to thank you, Justin Wiggins, for giving me a name credit on your blog site ” Behind The Exorcist.” I appreciate your interest. Hope you have a happy and prosperous New Year down under. Did you receive my email?

  20. Please read the article ‘Miles from famous’ for a proper explanation of the correct credit for the Exorcist’s Spiderwalk scene, (this article was published September 11, 2015 at 1:52 a.m. by Philip Martin).

  21. I’m very proud of my aunt Ann and her career. I remember her visits home from New York we were so excited to see her. She was and has always been the celebrity in our family. From working as a diving girl for the Atlantic city famous diving horses, worked with the three stooges, knowing Louie Armstrong, dating Ricky Nelson to becoming a model, doing commercials to movies to stuntwork, to executing the iconic spider walk in the exorcists movie. Soon to finish her book I cannot wait to get my copy. Y’all look for it we will let you know when it hits shelves. Love and respect to my aunt Ann miles.

    • My niece beat me to the punch. Just to say I have finally finished my book and will be published in the fall. More details when everything is firm.

    • I see that my niece has beat me to the punch. My book is set to be published in the fall. More details when they are firm.

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