Top 20 Sapphic Moments in Cinema


More lesbian-centric, or lesbian interest, films are being made today than ever before.  And while, in the past, our stories were relegated to B-grade (or worse) films, by and large the production values of the films we’ve seen being made within the last several years seems to be improving.  This is great news for lady-lovers and lady-lover-lovers everywhere.

In celebration, I thought it would be steamy good fun to produce a best-of list featuring the Top 20 Sapphic Moments in Cinema.

Of course, what we find to be hot is as varied and diverse as each of us.  So, let’s establish the rules/considerations by which a film may be included (or omitted):


1.) Subtext is sexy, but it will get you nowhere on this list.  We all know the brain is the largest and sexiest of the organs, but to be considered for the list, the film needs to actually put out.

2.) Physical intimacy, duration of physical contact, and emotional connection, whether real or imagined, helps determine list inclusion and placement.

4.) Straight up porn will not be considered.

5.) Amount of screen time dedicated to the development of the sapphic themes or content helps determine a film’s inclusion and placement on the list.

6.) Availability of the film will help determine whether or not it is placed on the list – after all, if you can’t watch it, how can we talk about it?  To be considered, a film should be: currently screening, available for rental or online streaming, or available for purchase online.


The Top 20 Sapphic Moments in Cinema will be announced, Wednesday, March 20th at 11:00 AM (EST).  Have a favorite?  Hit me up with your nominees.




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