Screen Gems presents D.E.B.S.

Discipline.  Energy.  Beauty.  Strength.


As an elite, crime fighting 4-girl squad finds themselves face-to-face with the legendary villain, Lucy Diamond (Jordana Brewster), all bets are off when one of their own finds herself falling for the master criminal.

Directed by Angela Robinson, D.E.B.S. stars Sara Foster as Amy, Meagan Good as Max, Devon Aoki as Dominique, Jimmi Simpson as the lovable Scud, Holland Taylor as Mrs. Petrie, and Michael Clarke Duncan as Mr. Phipps.

Screen Gems presents D.E.B.S.

This 2004 action comedy was a box office failure, but, in a way, that’s all right.  Most LGBT-themed movies rarely make it to the darkened cathedral that is your local cineplex.  That D.E.B.S. spent three weeks in a theater even remotely near you is somewhat telling.  Director Angela Robinson’s tongue-in-cheek homage to Charlie’s Angels has broad comedic strokes that make the film both charming and more widely appealing.

Screen Gems presents D.E.B.S.

Unique too is that D.E.B.S. attempts to sympathetically tell the story of Lucy Diamond, a criminal mastermind who was always in it for the money until she meets, and falls in love with, Amy (Foster).  This causes Diamond to reflect and ultimately attempt to reverse her misdeeds in an bid to win over the woman she loves.  It’s called a grand gesture, people, and in D.E.B.S. the moment is set to the classic sounds of Erasure singing “A Little Respect” while Lucy and Scud lip-sync.

The attraction felt between the two also provides a catalyst for Amy who, until meeting Diamond, had only passing doubts about her future as a spy, musing she would one day like to study art in Spain.  For Amy, who is the academy’s only “perfect score”, training to become a spy wasn’t a choice.  Selected through a hidden test in the SATs, Amy received her perfect score thanks to an innate ability to cheat and lie.  Whoa.

It’s no wonder the sparks fly when the women first find themselves in a standoff, guns cocked and loaded, pointed at one another.

Screen Gems presents D.E.B.S.

The whole D.E.B.S. affair is more or less an allegory about the power of becoming who you are truly meant to be.  A journey that begins by first accepting who you are.  Peppered with some genuinely funny dialogue and cutesy interplay between the cast, D.E.B.S. shouldn’t be taken too seriously.  It’s a comedy, after all, based on a series of comics drawn by the director while she was in college.

Brewster, who is probably most recognizable for her recurring role as Mia Toretto in the Fast/Furious franchise, channels some serious Kate Jackson/Sabrina Duncan appeal anytime she’s onscreen.  Her shy, vulnerable turn as the villain Lucy Diamond is probably the most endearing aspect of D.E.B.S. and one that merits a viewing.

Screen Gems presents D.E.B.S.

The relative cult success enjoyed by D.E.B.S. may someday (soon) be parlayed into an ongoing sequel, of sorts, in the form of a comic book series.  While creator/director Robinson attempts to finance the project, I hope she eventually turns to crowd funding.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that Lucy and Amy drove off into the sunset together.  I do feel like, through this laffy-taffy-sweet ending, the story was somewhat fully resolved.  But, I do find myself imagining them on the sun drenched beaches of Spain, or drinking coffee together in some cafe, and I would love to see the continuation of their story.  Live action, or otherwise.


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Screen Gems presents D.E.B.S.(Click on image to enlarge)

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Screen Gems presents D.E.B.S.



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