Chloe Likes Olivia

Immergut presents Chloe Likes Olivia

“Actually … I would like to know your name.”


When a Danish bartender brings home a 19-year old woman named Chloe, neither of them are prepared for the events about to unfold.

Chloe Likes Olivia is the 2011 dramatic short film by director Mette Kjaergaard starring Zinnini Elkington as Olivia, Rikke Lylloff as Andrea, and Mathilde Norholt as Olivia.

Immergut presents Chloe Likes OliviaThis terrific short film comes from Denmark and centers around a passing encounter between a lesbian couple in a committed, marriage-bound relationship and the young woman they invite into their lives.  What begins as your run of the mill one night stand between Olivia, a beautiful and emotionally detached bartender, and her young admirer named Chloe, quickly transforms into something altogether different.

You see, Olivia has brought Chloe home to share with her girlfriend.  Script flip!  It seems that while Olivia is attracted to Chloe, her real intent is to “treat” her girlfriend to a night with the young woman.  After all, it’s been a while since the last girl.  This act exposes Olivia, emotionally, in a way that is at once vulnerable and yet disarmingly seductive.



Actress Zinnini Elkington does much with so little in the role of Olivia, effortlessly portraying a spectrum of emotions and inner conflict with little more than a look, furrowed brow, or positioning of her body in the framing of a shot.  All of this conveys a quiet, fatalistic desperation in everything Olivia does or doesn’t do.

Certainly the subject matter is more complicated than can be fully explored in a short film, but Chloe Likes Olivia is a thought provoking glance into the questions and issues that arise around the subject of open relationships.  There is also a sense of seduction about the film, one that is never fully realized despite a lingering promise.

Kjaergaard’s short Chloe Likes Olivia has a delicious intimacy and emotional fragility about it.  With the backdrop of the film constrained to a single set, Olivia and Andrea’s apartment, there is a sense of confinement and claustrophobia not just for Olivia but also Andrea, whom – for all we know – never leaves.  Things develop quickly and are more or less satisfyingly resolved in Chloe Likes Olivia.  This is done in part out of necessity.  After all, in length, the film is just shy of 20 minutes.  Every moment counts.  Thankfully, in Chloe Likes Olivia, not a second is squandered.

Chloe Likes Olivia is available for streaming now, at BuskFilms.

Immergut presents Chloe Likes Olivia


Immergut presents Chloe Likes Olivia



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