Do You Have a Cat?

Nicole Kristal presents Do You Have a Cat?

“Did you just sneeze in my vagina?”


Marissa can’t catch a break.  It’s not that her standards are too high, it’s just that she’s completely, utterly, horrifically allergic to cats.  It seems like everyone she’s interested in – be it man or woman – has at least one of the furry menaces in their keep.  Will she ever be able to find Ms. or Mr. Right?

Do You Have a Cat? is the 2012 short film directed by Jason Sax, written and produced by Nicole Kristal, starring Samantha Sloyan as Marissa, Amber Benson as Jess, Leslie Connelly as Kris, Cameron Gordon as Darren, and Michanne Quinney as Alexandra.

Nicole Kristal presents Do You Have a Cat?

Do You Have a Cat? is one of the most enjoyable LGBT-themed short films I’ve seen in the last several years.  The script is lighthearted and entertaining with moments of completely gratifying humor.  I’m not just saying that because I can identify with the lead’s cat allergy.  Okay, maybe I am.  It’s one that a lot of us can relate to, and when you’re a gay lady – or bisexual lady, in the case of Marissa – that can pose some significant barriers in the dating realm.

As Marissa attempts to navigate her way through the dating scene on the prowl for Ms./Mr. Right, confronted yet again with the dilemma posed by her cat allergy, she seeks the advice of her friend, Jess (Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s Amber Benson) who reminds her that she’s lucky enough to have an extended menu from which to choose.  Marissa then declares she’s feeling a man-phase coming on.

In this context, Marissa’s bisexuality is hilarious – not because she thinks she can just avoid the cat dilemma that so often comes with dating lesbians by simply switching to men, but because her ability to “switch teams” at will is one of the reasons many people still look upon bisexuality with a sort of hurt disdain.  I find Marissa’s bisexuality delightful, especially given the outcome of Marissa’s next dating attempt with Darren, a lushly-chest-haired-and-mustachioed man’s man.  It goes to prove that people are people are people.  You can’t escape human nature.


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Kristal, who co-wrote The Bisexual’s Guide to the Universe, has turned in a great script that had me laughing … hard.  The laughs come quickly and the timing between Sloyan and Benson is near-perfect.  Based on Kristal’s own experiences with dating and cat allergies, Do You Have a Cat? actually features her real life Dachshund in the role of Lola, Kris’ dog that is almost run over by a sneezing Marissa near the end of the film.

The guilty pleasure of Do You Have a Cat? is that sometimes, occasionally you’ll get what you asked for, so be careful.

Do You Have a Cat? is available for streaming now, at BuskFilms.

Nicole Kristal presents Do You Have a Cat?divider

Nicole Kristal presents Do You Have a Cat?



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