Air Balloon (Luftballong)

Yenni Lee's Air Balloon

“I thought you were so hot and I really wanted to meet you later.”


After their once scalding hot relationship fails, Julie (Mia Caroline Bratz) struggles to find her bearings.  Everywhere she goes, Julie labors to carry a large box.  Filled with small slides that depict memories she made with her ex, the box becomes a symbol for the baggage created by their broken relationship.

Directed by Yenni Lee, Air Balloon (Luftballong) is the 2011 Norwegian dramatic short film that ran the film festival circuit in 2012 and enthralled audiences with its lyrical vibe.  As Julie, actress Mia Caroline Bratz is a soft-eyed young woman who falls hard and fast for Ella, a woman obsessed with obtaining the right fit for her jeans.

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In a scene where the two women sit fully clothed in a bath tub, she explains that by sitting in a bath of cold water for 30 minutes, the fabric molds perfectly to one’s body.  The fit then lasts several months … soft of like their relationship.  And while I haven’t tested the jeans/bath theory, I’d be curious to know if you have.

Tender, sexy, and at times downright sweet, Air Balloon (Luftballong) comes in at just over 10 minutes and it wrings everything it can out of it.  Lee proves she has some serious creative chops with this short that drifts from a dreamlike quality to gritty reality in just moments, making Air Balloon (Luftballong) the perfect allegory for fleeting, would-be love.



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